CT Scan (16 Slice)

Introducing the first-ever CT scan of 16 slices in Navi Mumbai at Kulkarni’s Nidan Diagnostic Centre. The various features include the number of images the CT scanning machine can capture per gantry rotation. It can cover a large area of patient’s body in a single rotation, unlike slice 8 CT scanner. The greater the number of slices the more the intensive scanning can be obtained in a shorter span of time.

Advantages of 16 slice CT scan over 8 slice CT scan:

  • Better resolution and reduced thickness in 16 slices as compared to an 8 slice.
  • Efficient coverage over a specific area of the body unlike 8 slice.
  • Total Time spent on scanning is less than time spent on 8 slice scanner.
  • Comparatively produces better results due to its overall benefits over the 8 slice scanner such as providing detailed information to the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, bone fractures, joint problems, internal injuries, and much more.

Benefits to the Patient:

  • Though expensive in nature 16 slice CT scan has a bigger advantage as it provides better diagnosis, identifies small areas of abnormalities with its better resolution and lesser thickness.
  • Complete coverage and detection of the human body which leads to accuracy in the results of diagnosis.
  • No radiations remains in the patient’s body after checkup, hence ensures safety and security.
  • It’s a painless and nonintrusive method of check up.
  • Main motive of a diagnostic centre is save time efficiently and continue treatment effectively from the concerned specialist.