Digital X-Ray

Digital X-ray facility provides immediate processing and images can be enhanced as well as digitally transfered for immediate and precise diagnosis. This application is helpful in routine x-rays as well as specialised procedures like Barium Swallow, Barium Follow Through, Barium Enema, HSG, MCU, RGU and IVP.

We provide following tests


  • X-Ray Chest PA/AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Abdomen
  • X-Ray K.U.B.
  • X-Ray Skull AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Cervical Spine AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Cervical Spine AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Dorsal Spine AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Lumbo Sacral Spine AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Hip Joint AP/Oblique
  • X-Ray Clavicle AP/Oblique
  • X-Ray Shoulder AP/Axial
  • X-Ray Humerus AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Elbow Joint AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Wrist Joint AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Hand AP/Oblique
  • X-Ray Femur AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Knee Joint AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Lower Leg AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Ankle Joint AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Foot OBLI/AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Heel AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Mastoid AP/LAT
  • X-Ray Nasal Bone AP/LAT
  • Other X-Ray AP/LAT