Quality Policy & Objectives

The following objectives are laid down for the relevant levels and functions within the organization

  • To achieve punctuality of every staff on duty and control absenteeism.
  • To preserve natural resources by way of reduction of electricity & water consumptions.
  • To improve behavior of all the staff of this organization towards patient care.
  • To venture into new realms of pathology & diagnostics
  • To create awareness in general public and visitors regarding our services.

Quality Policy

  • To offer the latest and best in the field of diagnostic services.
  • To excel in the field of diagnostic services & offer international standard of quality reporting
  • To make all efforts to achieve total patient satisfaction by means of continual improvement in services
  • Provide services of the highest possible standards, to satisfy our patient needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and services.
  • To offer courteous behaviour of all the staff of this organization towards patients.
  • To maintain an ambient and clean atmosphere in the clinic to make the patient and relatives comfortable
  • Our motto is ‘under promise, over deliver’